Paul Harris
  Paul Harris

The basic principles of Rotary have been remarkably stable for over 100 years. Nevertheless, Rotary is a dynamic organization. Paul Harris paid tribute to its dynamic nature in 1935, recognizing that the organization he founded was finding its own way and making itself even better.

 "Whether it is that Rotary was born under a lucky star, or whether it is that its " will to be" was undeniable, the net results of the clash of ideas and ideals among the members of the first club marked the beginning of the renaissance of Rotary."
(Paul Harris, This Rotarian Age, pages 67-68)
Reprinted by permission of the Rotary Global History from the Newsletter Nuggets Section of " What Paul Harris Wrote"( ).
Mike Raulin
Rotary Club of Canfield, Ohio
Rotary Global History (RGHF)

What Paul Harris Said…



“At our fireside, scores of friends from all corners of the globe have delighted us by their presence. They have come as the result of my

planting a sapling in 1905. The first Rotary Club was that sapling. It has

grown into a mighty tree in whose shade it is delightful to dwell.”

Paul P. Harris

My Road to Rotary, chapter 42,1947


The Rotary Foundation allows every one of us to join together from all corners of the

world. If Rotary is a mighty tree as Paul Harris suggests it is because of the support of thousands of friends all working towards the same goals. This year we continue to focus on the eradication of polio, re-connecting with our Foundation Alumni, supporting our Peace Centers and fully committing to the belief that Peace is Possible through our seven Rotary World Peace Centers.

As friends who come together, working on these tasks, we also need to realize that we

can only achieve our goals through supporting Our Rotary Foundation.


Calum Thomson,

Associate Editor, Our Foundation

R/C Longniddry & District 1020, Scotland




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