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Album Name: Open World Program Return to Albums
Album Date: Dec 10, 2008
Description: The Westminster 7:10 Rotary Club is hosting a Russian group of delegates from the Open World Program sponsored by Rotary International and the US Library of Congress.These delegates were hosted by club members and spent the week of Dec.5th thru Dec.12 visiting areas of our community that related to education.
(click an image to enlarge and start a slide show)
This group of Rotarians hosted the 4 delegates from Russia for a brunch to welcome them to Westminster and the 7:10 Club. Hostess and Rotarian Lori Hanegan confers with chef Rotarian Loren about how best to arrange the buffet table.Two Russian delegates are in the background. Rotarians Mike Hayes and Emil Rinaldi sample the fine buffet food. Facilitator Marina Kharlamova, Rotarians Martin Postma and Oliver Grenham load up on the delicious quiche prepared by Rotarian Lori Hanegan. Chef Rotarian Loren points out the fine art of stirring scrambled eggs to Assistant Chef, Rotarian Rick Fuller, as he carefully stirs the scrambled eggs that were so elegantly displayed and served in silver chaffing dishes.
Alevtina Andreyeva, Yelena Bobrova, Marina Dolgopolova and Svetlana Dolmatova (not necessarily in that order) are the four delegates of the Open World program that are choosing the delicious brunch items they will eat. President Lori explains the 7:10 Club program to the group. Lana Davis translates. Rotarian Mike Hayes works with translator Lana Davis to explain what Rotary is and does. Lana and John order coffee from Starbucks. Delegates visit Graland Day School in Denver. Dan explains classroom layout.
OW Delegates visit an 8th Grade classroom. Students asked a number of great questions. Lana translated each question and answer. Teacher (right)is Tom Rice. OW Delegates visit the High School lounge at Graland Day School. Some artwork at Graland School Benifactor List at Graland Day School. Outside view of Graland Day School
Wall of photos of teachers who worked at Graland for more than 20 years. Lana helps Emil and Roberta clean monitors for C4K. OW Delegates lend a hand helping President Lori clean keyboards and mice to benifit the C4K program.    


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