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Rotary Payments
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(Click the links below for the payment page)


Rotary Dues

         ($245.00 x 2.9%+30¢)


 Rotary Breakfast

 Rotary Guest Breakfast

        (trans. fee included)

 Dollar sign

 Sgt. at Arms Fines

         (min.$3.00 x 2.9% +30¢)

 Donate Now button

 Any Donation to the W710RC

 (Use this chart to determine transaction rates. Enter 2.9% and 30¢ in the boxes.)

 Paul Harris

 RI Fund for the Paul Harris Award

    ( gross  less 2.9%+30¢ per trans.)

    ( $26.06 listed donation = net $25 )

    ( $51.80 listed donation = net $50 )

    ( $77.55 listed donation = net $75 )

   ($103.30 listed donation= net $100 )

   ($129.04 listed donation= net $125 )



amt for  

full      credit.  

 Steak dinner

 Club Installation Dinner

    (Dinner $50.00 x 2.9% +30¢)

   Square Fee chart (use 2.9%+30¢)