Listed below are the members of Westminster 7:10 Rotary:


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Member Name   Classification
Wayne Anderson    Management: Executive Leadership Coach
Bev Bishop    Management
Matthew Booco    Administration
Roberta Bourn    Association Management
Mark Clark    Business Owner
Mike Crawford    Education
Barbara Donaldson    Education
Loren Donaldson    CashRegisters/Computers
Larry Dorr    Municipal Administration
Bill Fine    Education and Business
Kathe Fine-Graves    Sales Representative
Rick Fuller    Attorney at Law
Sharon Fuller    Management Assistant
Jason Genck    Management
Lori Goldstein    Education
Oliver Grenham    Education K-12 Administrator
Roger Gudenkauf    Electronic Document Management
Brian Hall    Banking
Doug Hall    Fire Protection
Melissa Hammond    Lawyer
viewing 1 to 20 of 39                                           >> Next 19 >>
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